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Nobody knows wat i'm doing.. Same goes to me.. I duno wat i'm doing.. I f face lot of happiness + sadness.. Friendship + Luv + Heartbreakes + Break Off (in ma dreams la).. Academic wise.. i'm an average.. Sports wise.. i'm an average.. My life is bout.. JOKES..JOKES..JOKES.. No serious.. Luv to critics.. n can receive it from others.. Everyday at least there will b sum1.. Ask me to change.. The more dey ask + advise me.. Ma adrenaline will boost up.. Normally I'm a bad boy.. Now I f b'come WILD..

stay tuned..

Sunday, December 13, 2009


sometime we do fall in love..

and sometime it turn to be our true love..

or our first love..

when you found your right one..

you will try your level best and..

keep on trying..

to make your loved one to be happy..

your days turn to be beautiful days..

when your loved one says..

"i miss you"..

"i love you"..

there will be a feeling of Happiness..

that is very hard to express..

you all out there might be still finding your true one..

if you dont's get any sign of it..

just chill and carry on with your hardwork to..

hit the targets a.k.a goals in life..

it is just matter of time..

GOD will create a "time" for u to..

meet your true love..

it doesnt says that your first love always be successful..

more security..

more care..

more love..

to be found if you have met your true love..

after being in a relationship..

taking care of your loved one's feelings..

it is really important..

we must be there and always be there..

nothing else in this world might make u happy..

rather than the amount of love that been poured to you..

by your loved one..

misunderstandings, small fights, arguments..

do occur in a relationship..

but do we need to give up..

believe, it is not a wiser thing to do..

sit together and highlight which went wrong..

and talk.. a heart to heart talk..

you will see amazing things in the talk..

where you and your loved one share a strong chemistry..

and things are back to normal..

on special days..

gift or a treat does makes them happy..

but what will be make them more..

it is giving them your warm chest to lay on it..

and words "i love you"..

be wise and always try to tackle difficulities in a calm way..

be protective over them..

care for them with out stoping..

love them like there will be no one in this world..

can love them like u do..

be happy and make them happy..

Sunday, September 27, 2009


hey guys..

how is ur world rounding, in a correct circle or in backway circle?..

i'm currently so STRESSED plus FRUST..

it f been 3 months me in UUM..

n i still findin a solid reason 2 lyk dis place..lol..

stucked wit lotsa assignments..

i'm wonderin wheta i'm still alive or dead..


i'm juz goin non-stop doin ma tasks..

university lyf is totali different..

people use to say u can enjoy in university..

it's true..but dey 4get 2 tell 1 thg..

da more u enjoy da more heavy workload..

v able 2 manage 0ur tym but still stuck wit papers..


friends are thr 4 us..but dey do f their own tasks 2 b completed..

sunday till thurs..havin klas..

friday and saturday havin break..

but monday till sunday i'm doin assignments..


ma course is so freakin hard..


i do still enjoy..

for example..look i'm bloggin now..lol.

i'm lukin 4ward 4 each day..

coz i'm learning lotsa new thgs..new experience..

people out thr..if u reali dare den oni consider local University..

da standard is reali high n u need 2 perform..

if not.. u will way bak n u need 2 crawl 2 join 2 race bak..

hard ryt..


time management.. attitude..dicipline..open-minded..gud listener..friendly..

those elements will bring u 2 da top..

may GOD bless u..
LOVE would neva leave us alone...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

my current location!

hey guys..

how r u?..

i'm Hasvinraj a.k.a Raj is bak wit bang bang boom!!!..

currently i'm pursuing ma degree in COMMUNICATION at UUM..

yesh i noe ma uni is quite far and it is juz 3km away frm Thailand..

fri and sat i'm off.. sun - thurs classes..lol..

thr is no any entertainment ova here..

v do f our own pusat kesihatan.. pusat sukan.. and lotsa thg to do to fill our free tym..

thr is buses whr v can go to changlun, jitra and alor star..

ma course is reali interesting n u'll noe i luv 2 talk ryte..lol..

i'm kinda close wit ma lecturers coz kononnya frenly la..lol.

lotsa assignments need 2 b done..but i do enjoy doing ma assignments..lol..

hope ma frenz out thr are doin d thg dey want to..

remember.. wrk hard, it pay u off damn cun..

enjoy ur uni life coz it v cant go bak..

wana say hi 2 ma fellor ex-f6 sixers..

i wen tru ragging..and it is reali suckz..

world might seem small b4 dis..but now it luk so damn HUGE!..

lotsa frens ova here to lend their hands plus make me happy with their lame jokes..

many type peepz u'll kam tru n u'll laugh non-stop..

i'm mishing ma gurl!.. i'm mishn ma pj..

pj macha transform 2 b sintok macha..hahhahahahahaha..

till here la ma crap post..

if u all mishn me juz dropin sum comments,k..

Monday, February 9, 2009

peppz out thr

world is juz small..
u can find any1 anywhr anytime..
yeah i mean da INTERNET!!!..
it f been long time i din post sumthg..
so i started wit a lame joke..
so guys how r u?..
mishing ma classmates..but dey 4get me edy..lol
currently i'm working as tele-consultant..
i'm enjoying ma life wit sum1 special..(low-profile la)..
duno wat 2 write sumore..
now i'm goin 2 tell bout mahself..
i'm working from monday - fri..(9am-6pm)
saturday i'm damn free..
sunday teaching tuittions...hahahahahaha
i noe sum of u muz b lafg like mad..
nowdays..da world is gettin wild n faster..
v muzb able 2 keep up da pace..
so guys out thr..
wana do sumthg juz go on..dun wait,k..
4 example u all wana shit..dun tell me u gona wait..
b simple.. b bold.. b hot.. b human,k..
btw, I'm working at Raig Holdings at Kelana Bussiness Centre..
if u wana work try at ma place..got vacancies..
4get 2 tell u all sumthg..
i'm gettin more macho la wei...hahahahaha...blushing..lol..
hmm..wokie la guys..
2009 f started..n v need 2 start 2 work hard..lol.
ma pricipal..

take care & b safe!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009



oh my gosh!!!

2008 ended like it juz started yesterday...

lot of things happen..

me taking stpm..

form six inter-games..

muet exam..

english week at skol..

masturbating team rocks..

rough cock sucker (RCS)..

skol magz pics..

nostalgia day..

lotsa b'day parties..


dance like mad at parties..

outing wit frens..


futsal tournaments..

putting up at cousins houz..

having tuittion on every saturday n sunday..

talk in tamil like pro..

learn chinese words..

gettin closer 2 ma classmates..

fall down in da drain..

kena chase by cow coz wearing red shirt..lol..juz joking..

find work at many places..

tell lots of lies, lame jokes, pro jokes..

spend time at many cybercafes..

went out wit mum 2 buy curtain..lol..

enjoy every public hols like mad..

din even wana copy during exams..lol..

keeping lot kinda of beard style..

wen bald..

lack of seriousness at class but it was cool..

gettin noe sum1 who is so special 4 me..till now..

hope 2009 will b a awesome year 4 u all out thr!!!..

may GOD bless u all..

Saturday, December 6, 2008

stpm is over!!!
hey guys..
finally i finished my major exam - stpm..
if u f done wit a major thing..
u'll feel happy n relaxed..
but.. i'm not..
i lost my skoling life..
it reali makes me down..
i'm goin miss all ma frens..
ryte now i'm missing u all like crazy..
there r great humans i f spend ma time wit..
dey taught me lot's of stuff..
dey r my "lighter"..
who brighten up ma life..
here goes da list..
yong fei
poh loo
pei yin
pui yan
and other upper sixer's..
altho ur name r not displayed here..
but u all r still living in ma heart..
thx 4 all da memories..
i'm sorry if i done anythg wrong 2 u all..
all da best..